Our company performs various works upon order, according to the customer's drawing, in the following fields:

  • machinery manufacture
  • metal structures
  • vehicle parts (mechanically machined marks)
  • painting with powders in electrostatic field

International orders International orders


  • Parallel lathe
  • Milling cutter
  • Flat grinding machine
  • Automatic lathe
  • Crank shaft press
  • Hydraulic press
  • Thread rolling machine
  • Argon welder
  • Electric welding transformer
  • Autogenous welder
  • Polishing machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Gate shear
  • Electrostatic field powder painting equipment
  • Band cross-cut saw

Technological operations

  • Chip removing processing (facing, milling, hole drilling, grinding, surfacing, smoothing, saw cross-cutting)
  • Plastic cold working (stamping, drawing, bending, thread rolling)
  • Gate shear cutting
  • Welding (electrical, argon, autogenous)
  • Locksmithery (adjustment and mounting of machinery and installations, devices, dies, moulds etc.)
  • Plastics injection and vulcanization
  • Painting (with powders in electrostatic field, manually by brush)

Material used

  • Profiles general carbon steels
  • Profiles high-quality carbon steels
  • Profiles alloy steels
  • Profiles steels for springs
  • Profiles stainless steels
  • Profiles aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Profiles copper and copper alloys (bronze, brass)
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Primers and paints (liquid and fluid)
  • Thinners
  • Grease remover
  • Phosphating agents
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